[FAN ACCOUNT/COMPILATION] 130227 Eunhyuk at Tous les Jours


cr: 지아지

Fan Account

(1)  after he was done being the cashier boy and was preparing to leave, he picked a sausage, went to his father, his father paid and he ate the sausage with a happy face.
[CR: Midal_SJ13 trans by teukables]

(2) Fan: “Oppa, recommend a drink”
Hyuk: “Starbucks!!!”
Fan: “Eh?? kkkkkkkkk”

Then Hyuk asked the staffs what drinks are available and one staff said all available, another staff was naming the drinks so Hyuk said to her “all available right?” kkk

Hyuk: “Drink hot chocolate!”
Fan: “Okay, hot chocolate please~”

while Hyuk was smiling sweetly, the fan asked, did he ate chocolate deliciously on Valentine’s Day?
Hyuk: “Chocolate…?”
Fan: “Yep! On Valentine’s Day!”
She couldn’t hear what was Hyuk sayingㅠㅠ

They shook hands and Hyuk’s hand was warm♥♥

[cr:뚜왕 서현 ‏SH0116 trans by honeydewname]

(3) Fan: “Oppa, are you coming on White Day??”
Hyuk: “My schedule still hasn’t come out so I don’t know~”
Hyuk: “If I don’t have schedule, I should come right?!!”
Staffs next to him: “Eung??”
Hyuk: *while laughing* “Wahh~ you heard me??”
Hyuk: “If I don’t come, it’s because of them!! (the staffs)”

[cr: 져따Sunshine_0621 trans by honeydewname]

(4) Fan: Oppa, how do you spray water like this?
Hyuk: This?
Fan: How did you do it?
Hyuk: This is difficult to do
Fan: It’s difficult?
Hyuk: Yes
Fan: You cannot do it for 2nd time?
Hyuk: I can’t
Fan: Why
Hyuk: I need to drink Evian*, only then I can do itㅋㅋ

*It’s that expensive mineral water lol

the fan showed Hyuk this pic – http://twitpic.com/c7axkj

[cr wadusjs2 trans by honeydewname]

(5) Fan: If this girl asks you out, what will you do?
Hyuk: What?
Fan repeated the question
Hyuk: I’ll date her right away
Fan: You’ll date her? Is she beautiful?
Hyuk: Yes, she’s beautiful
why why no? cause I think she’s beautiful.

this is the girl they are talking about ㅋㅋ – http://twitpic.com/c7axnz

[cr wadusjs2 trans by honeydewname]

(6) She was about to say something but Hyukjae spoke first
Hyuk: You changed your hairstyle~
Fan: O.O you remember me?
Hyuk: Yep I remember~ you changed your hair right?
Fan: I did recently but.. you really remember me???
Hyuk: Because I remember you, I know you changed your hair when I look at it~

[cr endandsjs trans by honeydewname]

(7) Fan: Oppa today I succeed in ticketing!!
Hyuk: Where!!?
Fan: Section 12!!
Hyuk: Where is that??
the staffs told him it’s at the right side
Fan: It’s next to ‘Happy Family Zone’
Hyuk: Where is that??

lol otl

[cr 1004SMl]


Fan asked if they have done concert directing (overall coordination) and Hyuk said yes, with professional directors. She wants to ask more but was told she’ll see later.

Fan: So all we can do is anticipate?
Hyuk: It is also good to anticipate, let’s go!

**Hyuk said Kyu’s line in SFSㅋㅋ


Fan told Hyuk to come to this side and this side,
Fan: Oppa, please sweep to this side
Hyuk: *stared about* You want me to sweep with what? Sweep with a broom?

//that joke ^^;;;

[cr: S_1106 trans by honeydewname]

(8) Hyuk: This… please put it in your pocket! (when paying)
Fan: But my pocket is full….
Hyuk: Um…. then… put it in your bag, can?
Fan: Okay!

//good example, reduce plastic bag use! ^^bbbb


A fan brought a gift for Hyukmom, so after she told Hyuk that, Hyuk turned to look at the back and kept calling out “omma-ah~~~”, his tone of voice is so cute!!

[cr 익명 trans by trans by honeydewname]


Fan: Did you play the game that I gave you last time well?
Hyuk: That, I left it at home the other day..
Fan: I came to make sure of this
Hyuk: I’m telling you, I was trying to play it..
Fan: You have to play it everyday
Hyuk: Okay. I shall go home and find it
Fan: It’s my love
Hyuk: Thank you, it’s an awesome gift.

//lol this gift he received on Valentine’s Day https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BDEkbxPCQAAfUml.jpg:large in which he was so excited and happy when he got it.

[cr hyoaeng trans by honeydewname]


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